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She - 24 - Jun27

PNA: Precognition

  • Sees visions of the future in the form of cryptic symbols, especially good at predicting movement and timing of events.
  • Abilities are augmented by nullification of the 5 senses.

  • The shy yet passionate member of our lovely troupe of goons.

    Preferring to hide away in the sidelines, Merlin doesn't stick out much. She avoids conflict and goes along with the flow, agreeing to do most things that are asked of her. Merlin is a people-pleaser to a fault. This is due to a desire to live life making as little waves as possible, but anxiety plays a role in it too.

    In any given room of people, Merlin would probably be the one paying the most attention to their surroundings. She has a keen eye and an intuitive sense for what makes people tick. This has allowed her to avoid tricky situations so far, but she does tend to get flak for being too passive.

    Any intense emotions are covered up by a mild smile. And they do get very intense, very often. Much of Merlin's energy is spent holding back exuberant fireworks of elation and crushing tidal waves of negativity. At this point it seems impossible to express any of these feelings anymore, but it's okay.

    It's important that things stay okay.

    Merlin is plenty capable of accomplishing most things she sets out to do (save for like... the social stuff), and has achieved great success in self-sufficiency. She's managed to live life without depending much on others so far, but the idea of relying on someone every now and then seems kind of nice... the thought of it is quickly brushed away.

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    • Vehicle of choice is motorcycle.
    • Has a green thumb. Takes care to recycle and compost, cares quite a bit for the environment.
    • Amazingly good at mental math. Also amazingly good at maintaining finances.
    • Does not look at her years in public school fondly, save for the time she spent with Radburn and Artemis.
    • Works multiple part time jobs in many professions. Enjoys this lifestyle. Used to manual labor and is pretty sturdy and buff at this point.
    • Knowledgeable about pop culture and general factoids, would do well in a game show (and does watch them pretty frequently).
    • Cut off from family and wants it to stay that way.
    • Legal name is "Camille," really only old friends and internet buddies call her "Merlin." The nickname stems from her childhood of saying extremely cryptic things due to her PNA. It didn't have kind origins, but she's grown attached to it thanks to Artemis and Radburn using it endearingly.
    • Carries so many secrets even I, the author, find her very mysterious.


    * contains some old art with her old designs

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