Some of these groups are old, some are new and being actively developed!
I will go through the active ones first.

Ghost Agency


I've been working on this a lot lately! Check out the project journal to see how it's going.

The year is 20XX. A strange phenomenon has changed the very structure of society: people can see ghosts!
March can't. And they're the founder of a ghost hunting agency.

This story was actually birthed around ~2015 with March being a young lad teen and the story dealing with YA Teen Stuff but I've completely revamped it to where March is in their 20s and it deals more with the ethics of ghosts than coming of age.

Themed Playlist for March

Magical Colors

This was baesd based on a dream (a... lot of stories are based off dreams) I had where people were given magic forms based on colors and fought with grand meta beings to save the world.

The main characters will be Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow. Yasu (previously a random aesthetic OC) is the only character with a design in this group right now...

Tea Peddler

A game idea where you play as a tea peddler and try to sell your wares and match customers with their favored teas.

The protag is our dear Macha (the green one). Other character here is unnamed and secret shhhh


Originally a fanime idea (still one? I'm entertaining an RPG Maker game atm) where high schoolers are trappec trapped on campus due to some Supernatural Event.

Students of this school have various powers it's in the same timeline as my hero ocs and they use them to try to escape. The school itself accomodates its students with powers under the table, people having powers are still pretty rare and unknown.

Here we follow our protagonist Tori, who enrolled here just because it was the cllossest closest school and transportation would be cheap.


Pretty much a practice in character design and world building at this point.

There was a full story when this was being written as a visual novel with character routes, and I still base some of the now new stuff off that story, but it's been in a constant state of revamping since then.

The main characters so far: Srvftl/"Shrov" (Dragon), Yanuaxeiavildienyr/"Yan" (Avian), Rovsvd (Demon), Aemwr (Demon), Chrys (Robot), Grange (Plant sprite), Geredel (tentative name, Gorgon), Nile (???)


A game about travelling through space and meeting people like you.

Perpetually in a state of WIP

Up next are old/inactive groups that I don't really add on to anymore, but may in the future :P

String of Fates

It is a fienshe finished game! Go play it! But also please don't mind the art and writing I'm kind of embarrassed about it LOL

The gallery below contains some spoilers so it'll be hidden inside this button. (you might have to click it twice to load it)


Delinquent reform through... cleaning?

These guys were created in ~2015 deep into my shounen action manga (Jojo) phase. I made them to 1. take some completely normal activity 2. turn it into a battle manga 3. practice action poses and profit ???

The art here is old ass shit!!!

Lam & Terra

Once upon a time in 2015 (A LOT HAPPENED IN 2015) I wanted to write a wlw slice of life webtoon. It didn't work out because I am shite at writing romance!!!!!!! "But Redd you wrote a whole romance game--" SHhhhhh

Lam's design was actually copied over from a doodle of an assassin that used blood magic, so there's actually a whole AU where Lam is an assassin given an assignment to kill the princess, Terra. It may as well be the main story at this point.

Power... OCs.... um........ "Lig & Co"

We r really gettin into it now uhhhhhhh

I consider this the prequel to my hero OC group! And literally everything I've ever made that's involved super abilities since 2015!

In this story not much nothing is publicly known about powers, knowledge is limited to The Underground.
Our lovely protagonist Lig is suddenly kidnapped by a group of people with powers, who are interested in the research that Lig's deceased father had been doing.

The mechanics of how powers work in hero OCs and Haunting!! were exported from this story :3

But the most important thing to know here is that Lig and Kass r gey and I <3 thems

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