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My main ideas for this were based during a time when I was relatively... idealistic? I was 15. Suspend your disbelief with me for a sec.

  • A good portion of the original generation was composed of orphans, from parents volunteering their children to be placed into the shelters rather than saving themselves. The biggest structures at the time were child care facilities. These facilities have retained most of their main functions, but have since developed and grown into general community and educational hubs, surrounded by residential buildings.
  • The shelter is separated into different sections, with community centers at the core of each section (and being the reason for the creation of sections in the first place)
  • What Is An Economy. Bro I dunno but the economy here is not capitalism cuz there's no real need to accumulate wealth or power or to work to make a living anymore. What we've got here is just humans existing.
  • Not much is known about life outside the shelter, or if there even is any. Before the big doomsday event, it was predicted that Earth would be inhabitable for humans, and so that's what's generally taught inside the shelter. As the original generation grew up, some did choose to leave, but we don't really know what happened to them. Leaving the shelter is seen as almost equivalent to death.
  • In the shelter's earlier stages, an eagerness to create utopia led to a period of time known as "The Purging," or simply "Bad Management." People were kicked out for petty issues and it was a real shitshow. It's pretty tame nowadays, but there's a heavy tension that permeates the air due to such a small population forcing close-knit communities.
  • At its best, free time, free resources, and free knowledge fostered a golden age for humanity in terms of ingenuity, creativity, and unity. At its worst, all this time with not a whole lot to do or strive for created a widespread apathy to the point of it being a crisis.
  • Gen1 = Chaos, Gen2 = Growth, Gen3= ??? listlessness


The main things to know about this place:

  • The shelter was original comprised of people from around the world, so it's a big mix of cultures.
  • There is a strong desire to fight against homogeneity.
  • Gen3 is largely mixed race. Race... exists but is a strange wiggly concept.
  • We like to think we're progressive here and social woes of the past are beneath us but are they really? Can humanity end such a cycle? Yeah I mean everyone's super tired lately. To be frank with you I am so deeply personally embroiled in today's societal woes that it's hard to imagine such a future but I wanna believe it's possible, this is my ultimate pseudo-utopian sci-fi manifesto.
  • Memes have reached critical mass. No one can stop it now.
  • The current zeitgeist is along the lines of a shift beyond metamodernism/post-postmodernism, where postmodernism has become something of the distant past and genuine transparent authenticity is valued in expression and communication. I do not pretend to hold knowledge beyond my experience growing up in a western society though, so whether this is an accurate global portrayal/imagining of the historical progression of culture? It probably isn't. But the bottom line is that humanity in this story is trying to love itself in a world that sometimes feels extremely absurd.
  • Friendship ended with Freud, Lacan is what we reference now. (I joke)
  • There has been a shift from placing importance in concrete goal-oriented practical science (wow how many more adjectives can I add to this to explain what I mean) to a more personal, abstract exploration and celebration of the human experience. You can think of it as if we stopped caring so much about being into STEM because it's useful and makes more profit than pursuing arts and humanities. The Renaissance polymath is dead no longer. Swoon ><

World Wide Web

We love technology here and everyone is connected to teh internetz. It's played a big part in keeping everyone unified.

Anonymity is preserved through use of VPNs and it's common practice for anyone wishing to remain anonymous to point their IP address to places across the world outside the shelter that no longer bear the weight of humans living on it. The practice was passed down from the jokesters of the original generation.

Because I love traditional forums, we're going to preserve forums here. They are big and popular and awesome. But no worries, there's still social media and tik tok-like communities. God I can only imagine what new site will pop up today that will make this hilariously outdated.


People have standard pets and robotic AI pets for companionship. I guess the spirit of ranching and farming and gardening has been kept alive, although it's more for hobby than work. Biotechnology has advanced quite a bit and food can be artificially created, including milk and eggs.

Knowledge of wildlife encountered by humanity in the past is found in books, the web, and by word-of-mouth. The only people with firsthand experience are the elderly, but those that grew up in the shelter have to rely on old records and descriptions.

By Gen3, the concept of wildlife became mystical and many kids are enthralled by it, treating animals like tigers and deer as legendary mythological beings.

I recycled a lot of this information from my old OC site back in 2016, so people that read it from back then and are reading this now, I love you <3

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