Name: Redd
Pronouns: he/they
Birthed: Philippines, '98 (I live in the US atm)
Species: [redacted]
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: light salmon pink

I like drawing and coding and writing and analyzing stories.
Whether I'm actually good at any of those, who knows...!

My #1 interest is OCs (original characters) and storytelling with a focus on characters.
My other main interests are visual novels, anime/manga, and art.
"Art" is pretty broad, but I find all the ways that people express themselves to be neat.

Mental illness makes life a weird mess but I try to do my best with it.

Top Anime Series: Sarazanmai, 3-Gatsu no Lion, Hunter x Hunter, Inazuma Eleven... I guess...
Top Manga Series: Mob Psycho 100, Doubutsu no Kuni, ummm I'd say Devilman has been pretty influential.

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