This is where I'll dump everything else I guess!

Desktop Pets

I used to make (I still kinda wanna make) SSP flele and shimeji desktop pets.

Shimeji are tiny characters that walk around on your screen, and flele are singing characters that sit at the corner and play mp3s.

To be more specific, flele are a type of Ukagaka, or desktop mascot, that runs on an Ukagaka program called SSP. It's a "ghost," which is basically a mascot with its own specific dialogue and functionality. Flele happens to be an mp3 player. You can make and change its "shell"/skin. There are a ton of different ghosts that can be used with SSP besides flele, and I want to make one sometime with my own characters!

Downloads: Flele || Shimeji-ee

The actual flele site is here, but I've made my own dl link with an updated version of SSP. Better for compatibility. Shimeji-ee is an english translation of shimeji, and comes in 2 versions: mischevious and calm. This determines the desktop pet's behavior.

The downloads below are shells only, you'll need to download the actual applications separately from the links above.

Place shimeji image folders in the 'img' directory. Place flele shell folders in 'ghost/flele_aya/shell'. It should also work if you drag the .zip file on the program/character itself when it's open.

** Individual controls for flele are labelled in an image inside the shell folder **

Killua+Gon shimeji

Tweetdeck Theme

This is pretty old so I dunno if it'll still work... well... *shrug*

For use with BetterTweetDeck or a userstyle extension.